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A hosting account is basically hiring computer space on the internet so you can store your website so its live on the internet.  Its similar to renting office space so your customers can come to your shop.  You will need a hosting account in order to have a website live on the internet.In all my experience i’ve used alot of hosting companies and the best company i have found and still use today is Hostgator, they are very resonable, have a great support team and include alot of features with their hosting accounts

There are 3 options you can go for:

  1. Web Hosting
  2. Reseller Hosting
  3. Dedicated Servers

Click Here To View The Different Hosting Packages

If you only want to set up 1 website business then i would recommend their web hosting package. Its currently $4.95 a month

If you want to build several website businesses, for example more than 10 websites then i would recommend their reseller hosting package as you can set up unlimited amount of websites with this package (100’s of websites). This is currently $24.95 a month (recommended for all my members to get you started in building all our online businesses). This package is very good if you want to start reselling your websites. For example every one of our websites you could build and then resell the website on for a large profit and charge your customer a hosting fee on your server.  This is how we used to run our business reselling websites with hosting space on our server as you can host 100 of websites and make around £5 a month per website you lease out hosting with. So if you sold 100 websites with a hosting package to your customers you could make £500 a month along just on hosting fees alone. And your only outgoing is $24.95 a month for your server.


If you want a serious website business that can handle alot of traffic and is also recommend to help with your search engine rankings then i would recommend a Dedicated server.  I personally always get a dedicated server because your not sharing this server with other website owners.  The drawback with sharing your server with other website owners is because google doesnt see your website as well ranked compared to your website being on a dedicated server because with a dedicated server you also get a dedicated ip address.  This package starts at $174.00 a month

You can start with any of the above packages and upgrade when you like depending on your budget. I first started out with the reseller package when i was building up my network of websites and then as i learnt more about internet marketing i relised the beneifit of having a dedicated ip address on a dedicated server.

Click Here To View The Different Hosting Packages


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