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Which Tablet is the Most Popular?

It is of course no surprise that tablets are gaining a lot of popularity among consumers and therefore there will be a lot more traffic coming from these mobile devices. Increasingly, webmasters, online entrepreneurs and affiliates are making tablet friendly versions of their websites in order to increase conversions by ensuring that users get a page that displays properly on their device, thus boosting overall user experience. But which tablet is really the most used among consumers right now?

Recent numbers show that while Android based tablet devices are gaining a bigger market share day by day, there has yet to be a significant increase in web traffic from these devices. Therefore, as many could have guessed by now, the iPad is currently at the top of tablet generated traffic. Market Watch recently published the results of a study that was done by mobile publishing firm Onswipe. According to the report results, over 98 percent of tablet based traffic was generated from the iPad. This means that less than 2 percent of traffic is coming from other tablets. Other sources tell a similar tale. A Tech Guru study shows that 94% of all web traffic from tablet devices involves users with an iPad.

There are some other interesting facts that came to light with the study. Users on an iPad are a lot more likely to spend time on a web page. In fact, iPad users spend 56% more time on a site than iPhone users. This can be explained by the bigger screen and better suitability for web browsing of the device, which makes it more comfortable for users to actually spend time reading what’s on a page.

As for time spent using the device, the Kindle Fire from Amazon actually outranks the iPad. However, this shouldn’t come too much as a surprise to online marketers, considering the fact that the original Kindle was meant to be used as an e-reader to view books and documents, rather than as an internet browsing device. This is something that is still seen today. A lot of users who have a Kindle Fire use it to read books and online magazines and spend very little time browsing the web, even if the new version of the Kindle is in color and offers web browsing, plus integrated social networking functionality. Unless Amazon’s device gains a lot of market share in the near future, this isn’t expected to change much either.

What does all of this mean to marketers? Users of iPad tablets spend a lot of time browsing the web with their devices and it is rapidly becoming a replacement for the full featured PC in the hands of many users. Developing websites that are compatible with the iPad, as well as creating advertising campaigns that are focused towards the users of this tablet are some things that marketers can do to profit from it. Of course, it is possible that Android based devices may pick up some steam in the coming years, but for now, they still have a lot of catching up to do.

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