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Mobile Promotions, Ads and Coupons Increasingly Being Shared

If you’ve set up a mobile advertising campaign, you may wonder whether users are more likely to share the things that you have to offer them. After all, mobile devices are being used not only to browse the web, but also to access social media sites, which are all about sharing. There was a study done last month and published by Market Watch that sheds some light on the topic, which should give some good information for marketers, affiliates and e-commerce site operators.

One of the first things mentioned in the survey is that young adults, between 18 and 35 years of age are much more likely to use mobile devices when transacting online, of which a sizable proportion prefer their mobile device as their primary way of shopping online. Of course, this isn’t really a surprise, as we all knew that younger people are more likely to use mobile technology and to shop online on a mobile as opposed to a PC. The survey of 1 500 adults in the USA shows that those under 35 have a 30% chance of saying that they enjoy using the internet more on their mobile device than on a PC.

Additionally, 47% of users state that they’ve clicked an ad they saw on a mobile web page or an app. 55% made a mobile purchase within the last 6 months, however this also includes “mobile specific” content, such as music, images, ringtones, apps, etc. The same amount (55%) admit to using their smartphone to make comparisons between prices offered by different merchants at least once a week.

But what is even more important for online merchants is this: 50% of users indicated that they shared coupon codes, sales materials or promotions with others by using a mobile device at least once during the past month. A good proportion of these users (19%) are even more engaged and responded that they share this type of material 3 times or more every month.

What this means to marketers is simple: create mobile ads and use marketing materials or strategies that are easily shared via social media. Coupons are among the favorite type of content by those who share online shopping information, for several reasons. First, they don’t seem as “spammy” as just sharing an ad. Second, they allow the user’s friends to save money, so if someone is happy with getting a good deal thanks to the use of a coupon code or link, they are more likely to share that happiness with their friends, especially if they believe that these friends will be interested in the type of merchandise sold and will benefit from the coupon.

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