Final Advice on Content Marketing

Recently, we’ve gone through many things related to content marketing and how you can better use it to promote your business in the online world. While creating web content may seem easy, there are some things you need to know about if you want your efforts to actually be beneficial to your business. Here are some additional tidbits of advice on the topic:

Organize Your Content Well on Your Site

Don’t just throw articles around randomly on your website. Make sure that it is structured, so that the users can rapidly find the content they’re looking for and also navigate efficiently to the rest of your website. You can consider adding a blog to your main site as a place where you will put most of your articles too.

Your Articles Should Also be Well Structured

Nothing will annoy a reader more than a poorly written article. And this doesn’t simply refer to the quality of the English used either. The general structure of the article should make it easy for the reader to get answers to their questions, without having to go through the entire piece to see if it contains what they’re looking for. Don’t write a wall of text. This is unbearably hard to read. Structure the article by using paragraphs and include lists or bullet points if the type of article that you’re creating can benefit from this.

Vary the Types of Articles You Post

Unless you have a content-based site that is strictly reserved for certain types of articles (such as technology reviews, political commentary, etc), you should try your best to try to vary the type of content that you include on your site. Include some news, company announcements, reviews, how to articles, etc.

Include an Image in the Article

Ever notice how industry magazine articles very often have an image, such as a piece of clip art that is related to the topic? This can serve many purposes, such as focusing the reader’s attention on the article and making it more inviting to read. Just like on this blog, you should include a small image that is related to the topic of your article in it.

Don’t Forget to Let Readers Share Your Content

We’re in 2012 and are living in a world where sharing information through social media has become more commonplace than ever. So why not let readers share your content with others who may be interested in it? Include various social media buttons, like Twitter, Facebook, etc. which will allow readers to share the article with their friends and followers. You can also include an option that will allow the reader to forward the article by email to their friends. Sure, someone dedicated enough to share your article can copy/paste it and share it that way, but we’re not in 1995 anymore. The easier you make it for readers to share your content, the more likely it is that they will actually do so. And this means more readers, more exposure and more traffic to your website.

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