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Creating a Good Content Marketing Campaign: Part 2

Creating a successful content marketing strategy requires planning and thinking before you actually go ahead about it. Yesterday, we’ve seen two of the main things you need to think about. Here are some more:

Know who your audience is and what they want

While you may know what your target market is for your main business, you should also find out more specifically about the visitors to your website. Find out who they truly are, what they’re looking for and what’s important to them. There are many methods available online to truly discover your website’s audience. You may be surprised by the findings.

The point here is that your content should be something that your audience will like and will want to read.

Ask yourself why you’re creating the content

You need to be honest with yourself on this one, as it is something that’s directly linked to what your content marketing campaign is going to achieve. Since you’re running a business and not just creating a website for fun, your goal probably isn’t to “spread knowledge and increase the global intelligence levels”.

But you need to know what the purpose of the content will be. Is it to get people to know your brand better, to know that you’re out there and you exist? Do you want to establish yourself as an authority in your niche? Do you want to offer your readers solutions to their problems, while pointing them to how your company’s products and services can solve them? Do you want clicks on your PPC ads, or visitors to buy something from affiliate offers that you’re promoting?

All of these are valid objectives that your campaign can have. Of course, the list is not exhaustive and you can have some other things in mind too. But the most important thing here is that you know WHY you’re creating the content in the first place.

How often will you post things?

We’re not talking about SEO methods here, so you can forget the “post something every day” rule. You need to know how often you will be posting things. Will it be whenever you have something meaningful to say, or will you follow a certain schedule? If so, what will the schedule be: every day, every few days, every week, every month, etc.?

While posting on a regular schedule can have SEO benefits and also bring in some regular readers, you should be careful not to start posting just for the sake of posting. If you keep repeating the same things over and over, post bland content or simply restate what was said on other websites a million times already, people will rapidly lose interest in your content.

What Type of Content Will You Use?

“Content” usually refers to the written word, but there are other types as well, such as infographics, videos, and other multimedia. Think of what content types will fit your company well and will interest your visitors. Remember that you can mix content types as well, such as an article that contains an infographic within the body that provides a visual complement.

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