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Content Marketing: What to Post and When to Post It

When it comes to content marketing, you may have heard that to achieve success with this marketing technique, you need to create content that will be popular with your audience all year round. That way, your content will never go “out of date” and will be relevant to the user no matter when they read it. But is this really the best strategy? It is possible to create seasonal content that will give you good results, all while retaining a base of content that is good all year round. Remember, search traffic follows certain established trends. So searches for Halloween costume ideas aren’t too high in January. But as October begins, they will start to pick up and eventually explode in popularity, only to taper down quickly as the holiday is over.

Research and Profit From Trends

In every industry, you will see certain trends when it comes to content. For example, on technology news websites, there will often be a lot of discussion and speculation some time prior to when a new smartphone is launched. Then, there will be the post launch talk when users and reviewers actually have the product in hand. After this, the volume of traffic related to the new smartphone will begin to go down. Of course, this applies to other things besides technology. Take sports, for example. During the hockey season, there will be various trends, such as anticipating who will make it to the playoffs, speculating which team is the most likely to win the conference final and lastly once the playoffs are advancing, there will be increased talk about who will be the most likely to win the Stanley Cup.

You Can Prepare Your Content in Advance

Not all trends are the same. Some aren’t really too predictable. For example, it will be hard to figure out what new things will come to tablet PCs next year, as it’s a fast paced topic. But some trends are cyclic and happen each and every year. The holiday shopping seasons will have similar happenings each and every year. After all, Santa Claus will still be a part of Christmas 2, 3 or 10 years down the road and people will still dress up for Halloween for as long as the holiday is celebrated.

This means that you can plan your content well in advance and get some ideas on what you will want to write about before the content becomes relevant. If you’re a company that provides accounting services, you can write articles related to tax preparation advice long before tax season and then simply publish them as the filing deadline approaches.

Preparing some of your content in advance can save you time, especially if your business is very busy at certain times of the year.

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