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Google + Usage Still Growing

When searching for the best ways to advertise online, social media is one of the most popular choices of many marketers today. Google +, the new social networking service launched by Google, has seen some controversy when it first started out, as many believed that it would be a dud, just like some of Google’s other failed products. But it has turned out that the new service by Google may indeed have a chance at really gaining some ground.


Google has recently released new figures about their usage statistics. According to information contained in a news update, Google + now boasts 400 million users who have created an account on the service. However, this doesn’t mean that all of these are users that actively visit the service. There are still many that have just created an account out of curiosity, and maybe uploaded a few photos or linked up with some friends, but who don’t pay too much attention to the service.


The total amount of active users, is actually closer to 100 million. Still not bad for such a recent service and definitely a potential for marketers and small business owners. If we count those that just used the “social layer”, such as clicking on a +1 link on the web, or mobile users who +1 an app that they’ve seen, the number would increase to 150 million.


Another important number is the growth. When statistics were released in July, it was reported than traffic to Google + has grown by more than 65%. Again, this shows that internet users have an interest in Google +.


Marketers and advertisers need to recognize this and consider whether Google + should be part of their overall social networking strategy. The best way to go about things right now is to try using the platform for your business and see what kinds of results you will get. You can compare the performance of using Google + versus some of the other social networks. But as always, you should keep ahead of any new developments and statistics that are released about social networking usage. Because it is those who take advantage of new opportunities quickly that often end up among the winners, as they were the first to see new sources of traffic and exposure for their brand.


So far, usage statistics for Facebook have remained quite stable and there is still clear indication that it is used by a large number of internet users. In fact, as we have seen in a previous post, over 85% of young adults in the United States have a Facebook account and the site also remains popular among the older generation as well.


So far, Google has also made good efforts to keep interest in Google + going, thanks to the redesign of some portions of the user interface, as well as by encouraging webmasters to include +1 buttons on their websites which allows the user to share a site that they’ve seen with their friends.

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