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Is Google Secure Search Bad for Marketers?

Google secure search isn’t really that new. It was unveiled in November 2011 as a feature of the ever popular search engine. What it does according to Google is to help protect online privacy during searches, as the data stream is encrypted between the users computer and Google’s servers. This ensures that nobody else can see the keywords being searched for.


While this may be good for some security conscious individuals, for marketers it may not be the best thing to happen. There is one major issue with Google secure search: when a user performs a query on the search engine, the keywords that were used to find a website are no longer visible in Google Analytics, which is the world’s most popular online analytics program. This has left many SEO experts and independent marketers frustrated. Knowing which keywords drive traffic to your website is one of the best ways of knowing which changes you can make to your website in terms of SEO. When a user makes use of the secure search feature of Google, the data will simply show up as not available.


One of the comforts that marketers and webmasters have for now is the fact that Google secure search is still used in a minority of all search queries. Currently, it represents about 25% of all the search volume on Google. But what worries many is that this number may rise in the future.


The reasons as to why Google is hiding keyword information for organic searches is not yet known, which has many speculating and wondering as to why that is. It is probably not there for technical reasons, as advertisers who use the Google Adwords platforms still have access to information about which keywords have led a particular user to their website. There is also discussion as to whether this will finally change and Google will un cloak search data even for organic searches.


According to a few online marketing and SEO experts, there are some ways around the problem. One of the solutions is to look at which pages are getting the most traffic and then checking to see which keywords that page has been optimized for. This can give a website owner a general idea of which of their keywords are pulling in the bigger amount of visitors to their website.


One important lessons that online marketers can learn from all of this is that search engines can and will change how they do things in the future. And these changes may not always have the needs of marketers as a priority. Therefore, it is necessary to be creative in finding ways to market your website in the online world. Marketers need to remember that organic search on Google, while a big bringer of traffic to many websites, is not the only way that can be used to get visitors to a site. There are other free and paid traffic generation methods that can be used by webmasters in many different niches.

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