Which Changes Will be Brought to Online Marketing in 2012 – Part 2

As we look at the changes that are expected to take place in 2012, there are a couple more things that online entrepreneurs can expect during the 2012 year. It would be a good idea to review these changes and see if there is something that you can do for your online business which would make it more competitive, as well as take advantage of some of the marketing methods that are expected to get a high degree of popularity in 2012.

  • Mobile Based Marketing Solutions Will be More Popular

There is now an increase in the use of smart phones, as well as other mobile devices such as tablet computers. People who use these devices use them for a lot more than just communicating with their friends or playing Angry Birds… this is why online marketers have noticed them and are taking steps to profit from the rise in mobile device use around the world. Websites that are specifically targeted to mobile users are going to be built in much higher numbers. Applications of various kinds that run on these devices will also go up. Mobile based payment and transaction solutions, which are already seen in action, are expected to grow in 2012. We can now see some physical merchants experimenting with mobile payments, as well as mobile coupons. If you’re selling anything online, or even if you own a physical business, inform yourself more about the potential that mobile marketing can have for you. Many advertising networks such as Google AdWords are now letting their clients target mobile device users.

  • Online TV and Video Use Will Go Up

Online video isn’t exactly anything new and it has been a few years that video sharing websites such as YouTube have been in existence. What might change, however, is that an increased amount of commercial programming, such as live television as well as online video rentals, is going to occur in the next year. Many communications companies have implemented or are thinking of implementing IPTV, which is like regular television, but delivered over an broadband internet connection instead. It’s a bit too early to say whether IPTV is going to become a serious challenger to the currently used cable and satellite systems. It probably won’t take over completely in 2012, but this doesn’t mean that online video and television should be ignored by marketers and advertisers.

Websites that deliver video content, whether it is pre recorded videos, or live television streaming, offer some interesting advertising opportunities for marketers everywhere. This ranges from playing video ads before, during or after content has been played, to including text or graphic advertisements on the site itself. As more TV’s that are sold include internet functionality, combining traditional internet advertising with video advertisements will be something that is expected to be on the increase during the 2012 year. This means that online video will offer increased advertising opportunities, even for marketers that don’t have a huge online advertising budget.

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