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Sensible Use of On Site Advertising

Putting ads on a website is definitely the best way to monetize it. Ads on websites can bring webmasters money through various business models, such as cost per click, cost per impression, selling an ad space for a fixed amount for a period of time, or running affiliate offers that pay a commission to the webmaster whenever a sale is made by the action of a website visitor that clicks a link on the publishing site.

Website ads can come in many formats. One of the most popular one is text ads, which are commonly associated with the Google AdSense service. These text ads neatly appear in a box on the site. One of their primary advantage is that they’re not obtrusive and don’t interfere with site navigation. However, there are many new types of ads that have become more popular recently.

One prime example are flash based ads, which pop out of their assigned space on the website to momentarily cover a portion of the site in order to catch the user’s attention. These ads sometimes also play sounds. While they are an effective method of advertising since they are an “in your face” kind of ad, there are many site visitors that don’t like them and consider them to be annoying. For this reason, webmasters should limit the use of such ads to only a few pages on their site. Another issue with these ads is that they take some time to load, which means that they could disrupt site navigation for a visitor that has a slow connection. Also, use of flash ads increases the chance of crashing the users browser, especially if they have many other tabs opened at the same time and are using a computer that isn’t that powerful.

Video ads that start playing automatically are also another kind of on site advertising that has gotten more popular recently. Generally, video ads bring more revenue to the webmaster, as their advertisers are willing to pay more for a view or click than with a simple banner or text ads. However, the use of video ads should also be limited for similar reasons. One of the first annoyances about them cited by web users is that they play audio without any interaction from the user. They also put more strain on the users browser, thus making the page “heavier” to load. Some advertisers have taken this into consideration and only show an introduction frame or loop for the video ad in the beginning, and will play the full video when the visitor mouses over the ad to see more.

As a webmaster, you must remember that besides making money from your website, your goal should also to provide your users with useful and entertaining content. Sites that are supported by ads which are very profitable get many of their profits from returning visitors. As such, you should ensure that your users always have a good experience when visiting your website, so covering half your page with ads is not really a good way to go.

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