Safely Using Social Media For Business: Part 2

We’ve previously seen just how important it is to employ good security measures when using social networking sites for your business. The two main common sense security tips involve making sure your email is secure, as well as choosing good passwords for your social networking accounts and not using the same password on different websites. But there are also some security tips that are unique to social media that you should employ as well. Take a look at them if you use or are considering using social networking services for your business needs. These will help make your use of social media sites in the course of your business activities a lot safer with less potential for problems caused by malicious software, hackers and other security breaches.

  • Be careful with apps and plugins that you install

There are many plugins and apps that were developed for social media sites, especially for Facebook. For example, you can find apps that let you post to numerous social media sites at the same time, as well as integrate your website content better with your social media accounts. While they may be useful, there have been some rogue apps that were detected. Usually, Facebook is good at finding and removing those, but before this happens some damage could get done. For example, rogue apps could steal compromise the security of your profile, as well as post spam messages on your or your friends walls. Before you decide to use an app, you will need to do a bit of research about it to make sure that it’s actually a legitimate tool and not some piece of social media malware. Simply Google the name of the app or plug in. If it’s something legitimate, then you will find some websites, blog posts, or online news articles that talk about it in the form of reviews and information, as well as some background information on the developers of the application. If it’s something rogue, then you will probably find cautionary messages that have been posted in many places on the web to warn social networking site users about it, that way you would know that it’s an app that should be best avoided. Doing a minute or two of research of Google could save you a lot of trouble, so this is not a step that should be skipped.

  • Beware of impersonation

Since no identity verification is required to join social networking sites, there’s little out there that could stop a cyber criminal from creating a fake account and impersonate someone that you know, such as a client, business partner, etc. If you discuss things with someone on a social networking website, make sure that you actually know the person that you’re dealing with and that you’re sure they are who they claim to be. This is something that is easy to do and simply requires a bit of common sense on your part.

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