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Get More Sales This Holiday Season: Get Your Website Ready

If you operate an e-commerce site, you may have seen that the holiday shopping season, which is rapidly approaching, is also one of the busiest times of the year for retailers. This applies to both physical stores as well as e-commerce websites. However, many online entrepreneurs wonder as to how you can really profit from all of the shopping activity that will happen during this season. Here is some useful advice that you can use to boost up your sales numbers and reach the goals that you’ve set:


  • Start preparing early


The beginning of the month of November would be a good time to prepare your website and your marketing strategy for the holiday season. Why? Have you seen that many stores put up Christmas decorations and start their holiday promotions in mid November? This also applies to the major e-commerce sites out there. Now there is no reason as to why you, as an online entrepreneur, should not do the same. Preparing early will ensure that your strategies will be sound and well thought of, as you will not feel a rush to put things in place at the last second.


  • Get reliable hosting and related services


During the busy shopping season for the holidays, if you prepare yourself right, you can expect to see more site visitors and more purchases being made. It is essential that your site can handle this increased traffic. Far too many webmasters learn this the hard way when they see their site crashing due to too many visitors.


This is often the case with those using shared web hosting. The trouble with this type of hosting is that even though it is cheap, it is not meant to accommodate heavy use, especially if you are running an e-commerce platform that takes up a lot of resources, such as Magento or OS Commerce. For this reason, it is preferred that you get a VPS hosting account or a dedicated server to run your website on instead. A VPS costs around $30 – $50 a month and a dedicated server, for higher traffic sites, can be found for $75 to $300 a month depending on configuration.


Other service providers, such as your payment processors, also need to be reliable and work well with your site. It is preferable to have a backup payment processor available as this will allow for continuity should your main one fail. For example, you could use both PayPal and MoneyBookers as payment options for your e-commerce site. Therefore, if the PayPal service gets knocked offline because they ticked off Anonymous again and got DDOSed, then your customers can use their credit cards with MoneyBookers instead. You definitely do not want to lose sales and money because your site wasn’t working right. Remember, if your site won’t work, visitors will probably leave and go somewhere else and you are leaving money on the table if that happens to you.



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