Building a Sale-Securing Landing Page

Landing pages are short one page websites where you do nothing but sell your product, you have probably come across a lot of ugly landing pages with blinking lights and auto playing videos (a couple of tricks to avoid) and while many landing pages look scammy by their very nature it is possible to build a legitimate looking page that will make your product sell.

The Hot Zone
I like to refer to it as the hot zone, there are a lot of other ways of referring to it but they all are referring to the same thing, the part of the screen that is first viewable by a user when they come to your site. One excellent tactic for the hot zone is to stall your visitor, a good way to do this is by asking a compelling question in large font, bolded, something like “Do you want to make $50 every day online?” or “Are you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling depressed?” asking questions of people will either force them to at least answer it in their head (taking up a couple seconds) or spark their interest enough to get them to scroll down the page, once they start scrolling you are very close to making a sale. Other tactics to use in the hot zone are stating compelling facts such as “Doctors make new discover, cigarettes ARE healthy” or something else that will confuse the visitor and make them want to read on to learn more.
Another essential piece of the hot zone is to include a graphic, something related to your topic and also compelling, oftentimes a graphic can draw a visitor in more than text so go for something good like an attractive girl or an adsense screenshot showing hundreds of dollars made.

The Rest of the Page
If a visitor gets to this part of the page you are looking good for making a sale. Here is where you want to do one of two things, either pack in facts about your product or niche, or sell your products benefits like a mad man. Get right in their face about how the product can “CHANGE THEIR LIFE!!!” or whatever else the product can do, do not be shy about this part of the page, what you are banking on is your visitor generating some sort of high, some sort of act-now-or-miss-out-forever feeling deep in their gut where they absolutely cannot reject your offer. Continue including graphics that will draw the eye and lead them to continue reading (many people will exit your page if there are no graphics to draw their eyes). Keep up this sort of text for the length of at least 4 or 5 pages, then drop a sales link in, a common tactic is the “slash price” where you strike out the “old” price and give them a new one, even though this might seem cheesy, it works well, do not be too proud to use tactics that work.

In conclusion, making sales out of your visitors can be done with a landing page but it takes compelling content and pictures that will ruffle your potential clients feathers and get them interested, once you have this covered you are on your way to your own “$50 PER DAY GUARANTEED!!!” method.

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