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An Overview Of Some “Make Money Online” Ads You Will Come Across – Part 2

MLM / Multi Level Marketing

These offers are often touted as a great way to own your own business and be your own boss. Very often, the advertisements that you will find for these type of opportunities will be worded vaguely and appear to be quite generic, rarely going into detail as to what exactly this “business opportunity” will consist of. In a nutshell, MLM consists of becoming an “independent distributor” for a company where you will resell their products at a commission. You will also need to recruit more independent reps into the business, for which you will also earn money.

This isn’t to say that the whole industry is bad or that it is not possible to earn money in it. Indeed, there are many people who have been quite successful in it. However, in many of these opportunities the sales pitch to get you to join will be quite misleading and only present the positive aspects of the business. While it is often touted as being something “easy”, in reality you will have to do a lot of work to achieve success. Depending on the program, you will also need to pay in order to join or to buy merchandise, the costs of which could end up quite significant. If you decide to pursue such as opportunity, be sure that you do some independent research on what the company is, what products are they pushing, what their compensation plan is and what the general rules are. Unfortunately, many people don’t do this and are thus out of the fee they paid to join and stuck with boxes full of useless, overpriced merchandise that is hard to sell. They then realize that the only way to recoup their losses is to dupe other people into joining the business.

Forex Trading

While retail Forex trading has been around for many years, it has just recently seen a surge in popularity and is often advertised as a way to make money on the internet. You see ads touting that you can make $1000 a day or more just by trading foreign currencies online. If you are a beginner and have zero experience in the foreign exchange market, you will be in for a very rough ride indeed. The whole point of Forex is to take profit from the fluctuations in the value of foreign currency pairs that occur each day. You will of course, you need money to invest. The problem is, most people who sign up for these sites and play the market end up losing money rather than making the large amounts that are claimed in the ads.

If playing the foreign exchange markets interests you, start by reading as much independent information as you can. Then, open a practice account and trade with play money until you are confident enough to risk real funds. Remember that in addition to the opportunity to earn money, you will have plenty more “opportunities” to lose some if the markets don’t move your way.

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