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Sometimes, publishing pay per click ads on your website or blog is a very good way to monetize your site. It has the obvious advantage that you simply get paid to send traffic to advertisers. Unlike with CPA or affiliate offers, there is no need to worry about whether the click converts or how many sales you will get. Of course, it is a known fact that Adsense is the leader for publishers who want to put PPC ads on their site or blog. But there are other companies out there, some big ones and some smaller ones too, which function pretty much the same way.

Teaming up with a network other than Adsense to publish PPC ads can be very rewarding, but you need to choose that network wisely. After all, you are doing this to earn money from your site, so it is important that you sign up for a quality network that will be honest and fair, in addition to allowing you to earn a decent amount of money.

One alternative to Adsense is called Bidvertiser. They are a smaller advertising network that is growing in popularity and their ads are seen millions of times each day.

One of their main advantages is that they offer more flexibility in terms of payment options. You can choose to either get paid by check or by Paypal. If you select Paypal as a payment option, the minimum payout amount is only $10. If you would rather be paid by check, then it is $50. The Paypal payment option makes it more convenient for webmasters who are outside of North America to get their payment. Payments are done on a NET 30 basis, which means that you get paid 30 days after the end of the month during which you earned money. This means that earnings made during the month of April will be processed at the beginning of the month of June.

You can select from many templates of ads that you want to run on your site. These templates include skyscrapers, banners, inline ads, etc. All of this makes it easy for you to better integrate the ads in the content of your site. The amount that you will get for each click will vary. However, you have the option of selecting a minimum bid amount with regards to the ads that you want to display on your site. So, let’s say you don’t want to show advertisers who have bid less than $0.30 per click. You may select this in your account settings after you sign up.

The only drawback is that since the network is not as popular as Adsense, the amount that you earn per click will typically be less than what you would get with Adsense. However, Bidvertiser is growing in popularity and can be a very profitable option if your site has a decent amount of traffic.

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