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Promoting Your Website With A Blog

A lot of companies have made blogs a strong part of their online marketing strategy, but not everyone knows exactly how to use their blog in an effective way. If you’re thinking about using a blog to help promote your product, service, or website, there are a few important things to keep in mind before diving in.

One of the most important things a blog can do for you is give your company a personality. By posting interesting stories relating to your product, and how customers are using it, you can shape how people view your product. For example, if your company sells blenders, it might be fun for your visitors to see youtube videos showing how to make the perfect smoothie, or maybe even recipes for the perfect margarita. By doing this, you’re associating your company with that awesome new smoothie recipe in the customer’s mind, thus impacting how they view you, and your product.You have now given your company a friendly personality by sharing something useful with the customer.

A blog can also help you to make all of the details about your product or service more consumable for the reader. A blog post showing someone using the product can get the idea across way better than a lengthy step by step set of instructions. When consumers are forced to sift through pages upon pages of dry reading material to learn what they need to know about your product or service, they will often lose interest, and try to find what they’re looking for elsewhere. By presenting information about your product or service in a short, easy to read blog post detailing how someone else is using your product or service, consumers suddenly begin to see that information as useful, and understandable, rather than overwhelming, and frustrating.

This one’s going to seem a little odd, but bear with me. You should avoid making blog posts strictly related to your product. Be sure to talk about things related to your niche, but not directly related to your company. If your blog feels like nothing more than an ad for your company, web savvy visitors will likely pass it by without a second glance. If you’re providing quality information they want to see, they’ll stick around and read a few other posts, some of which will be about your product.

Keep your blog friendly, and informative, and you’ll see the benefits. Your visitors will find your company more approachable, and customer friendly, and that in turn, will lead to sales.

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