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Three Ways to Profit from Your Blog

Bloggers are making money from there blogs in a host of different ways, but there are three clear winners in terms of payout.  Advertising, sponsorships, and other writing opportunities gained are the three top earners for bloggers.  While there are many other ways to make money from blogs, we will focus on just these three for this article.

Firstly, advertising is seen on about 99% of blogs.  Why? Because it makes the most money in the easiest way possible.  Most advertising on blogs goes through Google Adsense, where you can select pre-made templates and plug the code right into your site.  Of course, there are tons more advanced customization options, but many people opt for the plug-n-play feature, which allows them to begin making money straight away.  There are many similar services such as Chikita’s Mini emails as well as Widget Bucks, both of which pay fairly well.  Bloggers can also sell their ad space privately, which makes a lot more money, but also requires time to manage.  So, it’s up to the blogger to choose.  Do they want to spend more time managing the ads to make a lot more money? Or do they just want to do a few mouse clicks and automatically have ads served on their website?

The second top way of making money for bloggers is sponsorships.  Some companies buy exclusive advertising rights on blogs.  Some also pay for bloggers to make posts about their product.  The problem with sponsored posts is that many people lose trust in the blogger for being a “sell out”, and going with the exclusive advertisement way is a much better option.  The occasional sponsored post, though, can be alright, so long as the blogger actually has some experience with the product.

Other writing opportunities gained from writing on their own blog can be a big money maker for bloggers.  Many get publishing deals for books, or columns in local newspapers, or even national ones.  Other blogs or websites might also approach bloggers with the opportunities to get paid to write for the other blog or website.  Obviously, the print jobs generally pay a whole lot more than the other online jobs, but hey, income is income, and some people have to take what they can get in this day’s economy.  Plus, there are many websites out there that will treat their writers very fairly, and of course, there are a fair share that still do not.  Bloggers choosing to work for other blogs should just be aware of what the going rate might be, and what a realistic rate should be in terms of payment per word or article.

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