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How To Setup An AutoBlog That Makes Money

setting up autoblogA great way to make money online is to setup a network of autoblogs.  An autoblog is a wordpress blog that updates itself everyday by adding new articles.  By having a website that updates itself everyday with new content helps increase your websites rankings on search engines as Google in particular loves websites that are updated with new content as Google likes to display results of websites that have upto date information to enhance the users search experience and give them the exact results.

If you join our network we will show you and give you all the software and tools needed to setup an auto blog network.  Lets say for example you set up 100 auto websites all setup as affiliate sites using Amazon associates, Ebay affiliate program and Google adsense.  Lets say each site made $1 a day in commision.  Now times that by the number of auto blogs you have = $100 x 30 = $3000 in commission a month you will earn for doing nothing as your network will be fully automated.  Then slowly build up your network to 1000 autoblogs over time and your income can easily be $30,000 a month $360,000 a year all fully automated.

Autoblogs are taking the internet by storm and still alot of webmasters dont know what they are or how to set them up which is why we have created the Websites For Sale World membership programme that will allow you to setup a massive network of online websites designed to generate income from several different income streams all on auto pilot.


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