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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Twitter & Facebook By Gaining More Followers

get more twitter followersSocial networks are now becoming a vital method to drive traffic to your websites as Twitter in particular is used as a search tool by some users to look for information.

If you have a website that needs more traffic then you should take advantage of the free media that is out there.  One way to get more traffic is to

1) Setup a wordpress blog and link this to your website. 

2) Sign up to Twitter and create an account.

3) Follow as many people as you can that are related to your niche, just run a search for your main keywords

4) Download the wordpress twitter plugin and upload it and active it on your blog.  Fill in your twitter details and set it up so everytime you create a new post, it automatically submits a link on your twitter account

5) Setup a facebook account and become friends with as many people as you can related to your niche.

6) Install the Twitter facebook application and link in your twitter account to your facebook account.  Everytime you create a new tweet via your blog, twitter will also update your facebook status with a link to your article automatically.  So you will get traffic from both Twitter and Facebook automatically when you create new posts in your blog.

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