Why a Local Interest Website Can Be a Great Internet Property


Do you ever find yourself wondering if there is anything interesting going on in your town tonight? Or where might be a good place to have dinner, or get a haircut? Lots of people turn to the internet for information about their local areas, and the sites they tend to trust most are local interest blogs. Local interest blogs tend to be those focused on one town, or even one neighborhood, that write about all of the upcoming events and talk about local businesses, news, sports, and just about anything else that may be of interest to the community. If your area doesn’t currently have a particularly good one, then starting a local interest blog can be a very good idea for a number of reasons.

Easy Target Audience

With a lot of blogs aimed at people all over the world who happen to like a given thing or be interested in news from a given industry, finding your audience and promoting to them can be tricky. If you make a local blog, then you know exactly who you should be promoting it to, and it can be easy to find them on social media by looking at the followers of local businesses like bars, restaurants, salons and schools.

Community Building

Local interest blogs are an extension of the ‘real life’ community, and can help people strike up online conversations with other people in the area. When you post about events or places to go, people are more than willing to comment with their own experiences and start replying to each other. You may also find it easy, should you want other people to write for your blog, to get people to submit posts about things that interest them in the area, or you can do things that encourage interaction like hold a competition to take the best photograph that reflects the neighborhood. Local blogs can strengthen communities, and actually become important features of a given town or neighborhood that everybody there knows about and refers to.

Work With Local Businesses

When your local blog is established, local businesses will be very keen to be featured on your blog and may want to buy advertising space or have guest posts featured there. This can be a good way to earn money off of your blogging efforts while also doing something good for the community. When starting out then, it is important to begin by working with local businesses. If you use any services such as SEO, web design or content writing, look for locally based people to do it. So if you are writing about Cheltenham, for example, you might want to consider a local company like webdesignercheltenham.com to handle your website building.

Running a blog about your local community can be fun, and can allow you to become an important person in the local area with knowledge of all the businesses and everything that is going on. It can be lucrative and also rewarding, so if your area is lacking something like this, why not get started!