How A-List Marketers Use Wireless Presentation Systems to Sell Websites to Businesses


Selling websites online is a usually a bit easier than pitching a website creation service, in person, to a board of company owners and/or executives. On the internet you can hide behind the facade of a great looking site, marketing your service to businesses around the world, and you never have to see any of these prospective leads – they’re just counted as “visitors” at your online place of business.

But what happens when you’re the visitor at a company’s place of business and the pressure to persuade is all on you? How do you give a pitch that will land you the job? The answer is, “It’s all in the presentation.” Wireless presentation to be exact. With that said, let’s jump right in to three key techniques the pros take with them to sell websites to businesses using wireless presentation systems:

Showing the Client You Know Your Stuff

When you show up to give a presentation to a group of people who own and operate a business, it’s safe to presume they don’t want to waste time waiting for you to plug in and set up a projector or other kind of presentation system. At the same time, you want to go in with something more robust than a laptop with a PowerPoint slide on it.

You need a presentation that can adapt to the circumstances of the meeting, and the best way to achieve that is to pull out a wireless presentation system like the Barco ClickShare from Videonations. With this you can quickly stream an interactive presentation to the nearest HDMI or Wi-Fi equipped device, including a TV, projector, monitor, tablet, smartphone, laptop, or just about any other kind of device display. The goal here is to make it apparent that you “know your stuff” as soon as your equipment turns on.

Cutting Straight to the Design Concepts

There’s no need to give a speech before you show them what you have to offer, because ultimately, the client will make their decision based on what your mockup designs look like and whether they feel like a website could really benefit their business.

Since almost all businesses can benefit from having a website, you just need to convince them of this fact and then sell them on your designs. So, just as quickly as you set up the wireless presentation system you’ll want to head right into showing off some of the design themes and ideas you have in mind for the company website.

Encouraging Viewer Interaction by Projecting Content to Devices

The viewers of your presentation (the business owners/execs) have probably seen a decent number of presentations before, but it is unlikely that they’ve ever had someone stream the presentation directly to their smartphone, tablet, or laptop from across the room. Once you’ve sold your leads on the idea of buying a website, and they like the design examples you’ve presented, it’s time to put the icing on the cake by sending them a presentation of the site mock up or other important sales materials, directly to their devices. This gives your viewers the chance to see what their company’s site might look like up close and personal.

By following these tips, you’re presentation is sure to increase its chance of success.