Four Ways to Sell a Website Successfully


Whether you have been building up your web business for years, or have built up a site purely with the aim of selling it on, it’s important to follow a number of guidelines in order to receive what you think your website is worth. Selling a website is not as simple as listing it on an auction website, and hoping someone offers you an amount that you are willing to take. Instead, it is a process that when done correctly can help you to make a good return on your investment. These tips, provided by, should help to simplify the process.

1. Understand Your Website’s Long Term Value

The average sale price of a website is usually between six and ten times its monthly profit. And, whilst this figure may sound large – especially for a business that generates a few thousand dollars in revenue each month – it’s much lower than the price you would expect to receive for an offline business. So, when selling your website, it’s important to consider its long term value. If you think your website could reap more profits in the future, and you can back this up, you can expect to receive an even higher price for it.

2. Know Your Audience

Website buyers vary in what they are looking for, so it’s important to understand how to sell to them correctly. When selling to a private buyer, for example, you may want to focus more on how they can grow the website to reap more revenue. Whereas, if you are selling on an auction site, such as Flippa, you will want to make the majority of your listing data driven, with full analytics and profit information on display.

3. Optimise Your Profits Before Selling

Before attempting to sell your site, it’s a good idea to optimise it as much as you can. You’d be surprised how many poorly run sites are put up for sale that could have reached a higher price had they implemented some form of monetary advertising. Test different advertising networks on your site, and see which ones are the most profitable. Just a few small advertising changes could dramatically increase the sale price of your site.

4. Use a Proper Outlet

There are hundreds of websites out there offering to help you sell your website, but not all of them will be beneficial. Flippa is perhaps the largest, and most well known, but it is only really ideal for mainstream sites that are already generating large profits. If you are running a niche website, you may be best selling it on a niche sales page. You may have access to less buyers, but you will have access to more buyers who are interested in your site – quality over quantity.

Websites are usually purchased to be part of a long term investment, so make sure your site is attractive to potential buyers rather than hurriedly placing it up for sale. It will be well worth your effort.